Essay of Art SpellingsArt Spellings


Art Spellings' recent work reflects both continuity in his superb craftsmanship, as well as the development of a technique that exploits gravity by merely pouring the paint down the surface of the canvas to achieve what he refers to as a "pure line". In this unusual approach he combines spontaneity or accident, along with control and determination. In a single work he builds layer upon layer of styles, methods and techniques deriving a moving, pulsating energy. It is this kind of ubiquitous resolution of dualities that not only characterizes his process as a painter, but also reflects elements such as surface versus depth, illusion versus reality, line versus color. In this way, the artist appears to love contradiction as he exploits the word. Resonating with ambiguity, this combination of visual form and literature is an esthetic game between the viewer and the artist's satirical wit: hidden meaning leading to revelation.

A closer examination of the artist's work exposes his search for new techniques leading to a new form of art…one that merges formal elements of contemporary architecture with its structural diagrids and veiled layers of curtain walls. In addition, his work suggests the warp and woof of woven fabrics.

Painting, architecture, textile design, language, perception and perspective reflect the multi-dimensional creative talents of the artist and his lifelong pursuits. These elements are an outgrowth of his desire to understand the true meaning of research; to expand the vocabulary of criticism; to explore the endless possibilities of media; to intrigue the mind; and finally, and most important: to delight the eye.